Final Parkland shooting survivor released from hospital

Anthony Borges is finally home.

More than a month and a half after a gunman shot and killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the 15-year-old student has been released from the hospital where he was treated for five gunshot wounds.

One-third of Borges’ lung was removed due to impact of one of the bullets, and another came dangerously close to his liver, the “Today” show reported Wednesday during an interview with Borges. The other three bullets hit his legs.

Borges held his classroom door shut as bullets tore through it, preventing gunman Nikolas Cruz, 19, from entering the room full of about 20 people. He has been hailed by fellows students and teachers as a hero.

Borges spoke softly during the “Today” interview due to the extent of his injuries. He told program host Kerry Sanders that he did not expect to survive the shooting.

“I think I was going to die,” Borges said.

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In March, family lawyer Alex Arreaza said Borges was unable to walk and required assistance constantly. Yet Borges’ father told Sanders that he hopes his son will eventually be well enough to return to the soccer pitch.

The Borges family announced in early March that it planned to sue the school district and law enforcement for failing to protect Stoneman Douglas students.

A GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of the teen’s recovery has raised nearly $800,000 out of a $1 million goal (surpassing the initial goal of $700,000). His family moved out of their apartment on his doctor’s orders because the stairs were too much for Borges, Sanders reported.

HuffPost reached out to Arreaza for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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