Woman says she was physically attacked after saying 'I support Donald Trump'

A woman is saying she was physically attacked in a Washington, D.C. taco restaurant on March 16, after she made it known she is a Trump supporter, reports WRC.

According to her telling of the events, three people near her were talking to one another when she inserted herself into the conversation and said, “I support Donald Trump.”

“I’m a Trump supporter,” the woman told WTTG. “I stood by my views, then they called me a racist and then they started attacking me.”

Trump supporters

“After it happened, I got a bruised right eye. My blood vessels inside my eye burst. I got a fractured finger, a bruised knee and minor bruises all over my body,” she further noted.

Area authorities are now seeking two women in connection with the alleged assault and have released a video in an effort to learn about their identities.