Villanova fans celebrate national championship win by climbing light poles, jumping over street fires

Philly gonna Philly.

Villanova fans took to the streets Monday night shortly after their team’s 79-62 blowout win over Michigan in the national championship game to celebrate the only way they know how.

By climbing light poles.

Despite police greasing light poles throughout the Philadelphia and Villanova area, Wildcats fans still managed to continue the newfound Philly tradition. Several fans were spotted climbing light poles and lighting fire crackers as the outpouring of crazed fans forced police to close off several streets.

One video by Fox 29 shows a mass crowd of fans swarming the streets while a smaller group of fans take turns jumping over a street fire. Meanwhile, throughout all of the hysteria, a single Villanova fan can be spotted sitting atop a traffic light watching the chaos below.

Never change Philly, never change.