Trump's claims were 'false and utterly absurd': The wife of fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe says the president's attacks turned their lives upside down

  • Jill McCabe, the wife of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, wrote an opinion column calling the allegations that hers and her husband's work was politically biased "false and utterly absurd."

  • She argues that her Democratic state senate campaign — a source of consternation for President Donald Trump, who bristled as her receiving donations from supporters of the Clintons — ended before Andrew McCabe got involved in the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

  • McCabe also said that her family went to great lengths, including consulting FBI ethics experts, to determine whether her candidacy would affect her husband's work at the FBI.

Jill McCabe, the wife of former FBI director Andrew McCabe, wrote an opinion column calling the allegations that her husband's work was influenced by politics "just false and utterly absurd."

McCabe, an emergency room pediatrician who ran for Virginia's state Senate as a Democrat in 2015, called herself an "accidental politician ... who never thought much about politics."

In a column published by The Washington Post on Monday, McCabe wrote: "I saw the impact of how government decisions hurt my patients, especially when the state decided not to accept the federal government's funding to expand Medicaid."

Her decision to run for office drew some belated fire from President Donald Trump, long after she lost her 2015 bid.

In several tweets prior to the deputy FBI director's firing in March this year, Trump accused Jill McCabe of taking campaign donations from Hillary Clinton, an accusation that has long since been proven false. Trump suggested that because of Jill McCabe's alleged ties to Clinton — and Andrew McCabe's involvement in the FBI's investigation of Clinton's emails — both of the were politically tainted.

One of the anti-McCabe tweets Trump posted in July 2017:

The campaign donations in question, however, came from the Virginia Democratic Party and a super PAC operated by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe is a Clinton ally, but McCabe received no donations from the Clintons themselves.

"This could not be further from the truth," McCabe wrote. "In fact, it makes no sense."

McCabe pointed out another crucial detail about the timeline of events that followed her Senate campaign:

"Andrew's involvement in the Clinton investigation came not only after the contributions were made to my campaign but also after the race was over," she said.

"Since that news report, there have been thousands more, repeating the false allegation that there was some connection between my campaign and my husband's role at the FBI."

McCabe went on to explain that her husband consulted with ethics experts at the FBI to ensure they remained on the right side of ethics rules.

"We tried to go even beyond what the rules required — Andrew kept himself separate from my campaign," McCabe wrote. "When the kids and I went door-knocking, he did not participate; he wouldn’t even drive us. He could have attended one of my fundraisers but never did."

"Clinton’s emails never came up — if they had, I would have found that alarming, immediately reported it and likely pulled out of the campaign," she continued. "I know enough from being married to Andrew for 20 years to know what is right and what is wrong."

Andrew McCabe was fired in March, hours before he was scheduled to retire and become eligible for lifetime pension and retirement benefits. Attorney General Jeff Sessions accused the deputy FBI director of not being completely honest about his disclosures to the media.

McCabe wrote his own opinion column that The Post published on March 23, in which he defended the integrity of the FBI.

"Not in my worst nightmares did I ever dream my FBI career would end this way," McCabe wrote.

"I was sad, but not surprised, to see that such unhinged public attacks on me would continue into my life after my service to the FBI," he said.

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