Trump infrastructure policy adviser to leave White House

White House infrastructure policy adviser DJ Gribbin is leaving his post.

Gribbin, who joined the Trump administration in February 2017, is “moving on to new opportunities,” a White House official said.

The soon-to-be departed staffer held a key role in defending the the administration’s infrastructure plan—which has stalled in Congress.

“Since he joined the team early last year, DJ has played an important part in coordinating the Administration-wide process behind the President’s infrastructure initiative,” national economic adviser Gary Cohn, who is also leaving the White House, said in a statement Tuesday.

Special Assistant to the President for Infrastructure Policy DJ Gribbin:

“I am grateful for his service and fully believe that the plan President Trump delivered to Congress, combined with the work we are doing administratively, will have a transformational impact on our economy,” Cohn said.

The administration proposed an infrastructure revamp that was met with resistance by both Democrats and Republicans—who were skeptical of the government’s ability to fund the overhaul.

Gribbin was present when Trump unveiled a huge flow chart during a meeting with builders to illustrate regulations around the construction of highways.

He previously advised Macquarie Capital on structuring public-private partnership transactions for government clients.

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