Terrible defensive effort gives Edwin Encarnacion an inside-the-park homer

The second inside-the-park home run of the 2018 Major League Baseball season has been hit by … Edwin Encarnacion? We know that sounds wrong, but we can assure you the Cleveland Indians’ designated hitter made it happen.

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While Encarnacion is known for his pop, he’s not exactly the fastest player in the game. In order to pick up an inside-the-park home run, he needed to get some help from the Los Angeles Angels’ defense.

Outfielder Justin Upton was happy to oblige.

You won’t see any part of that play by Upton on the next Tom Emanski instructional video. Upton failed to make the catch on a ball driven near the foul pole in left. After the ball bounced in fair territory, Upton completely gave up on it.

It’s clear from the video that Upton thought the ball was foul, but it was far too close to the line for him to make the judgement. He turned around and slowly walked toward the ball as Encarnacion charged around the bases.

It didn’t get much better once Upton reached the ball. His relay throw was totally off line, landing in between the cutoff man and the infielders. That allowed Encarnacion to cross home without a throw.

The whole thing led to this fantastic tweet from the team’s Twitter account.

That was, somehow, Encarnacion’s second career inside-the-park home run. His first came in 2007, when he was a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

If you had money on Encarnacion belting an inside-the-park home run this season, you’re probably a rich person now. After you pick up your massive winnings, consider sending some Upton’s way. None of this would be possible without him, after all.

Edwin Encarnacion hit his second career inside-the-park home run Monday. (AP)
Edwin Encarnacion hit his second career inside-the-park home run Monday. (AP)

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