Accused 'cold medicine killer' obsessed with 'American Psycho'

The so-called "cold medicine killer" accused of stabbing his wife 123 times at their North Carolina home was "obsessed" with the movie "American Pyscho," authorities say.

Matthew Phelps, charged with first-degree murder for the September slaying of 29-year-old Lauren Phelps, had told a 911 operator he took too much cold medicine and woke up with blood all over him.

Phelps' Instagram account included pictures of the alleged killer dressed as Patrick Bateman, the character played by Christian Bale in "American Psycho," according to documents obtained by the News & Observer.

The Instagram account was also filled with scenes from the 2000 film.

"The movie is about a serial killer, and Phelps expressed interest to a friend regarding what it would be like to kill someone," a Raleigh detective wrote, according to the News & Observer.


Investigators also say that Lauren Phelps "had recently taken drastic steps to limit her husband's spending." She was preparing to end the relationship, according to WRAL.

Raleigh cops had acquired a total of seven search warrants in connection with the murder, according to the News & Observer. They gained potential evidence from their social media accounts, their home and their vehicles.

Lauren Phelps was "clutching hair in hands at the time of her death," according to the News & Observer.

The couple had been married for less than a year.

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