Watch the NCAA women's announcers lose it after Notre Dame's last-second win

The announcers from the NCAA women’s championship game lost it on the last second shot. (Screenshot via @flybyknite on Twitter)
The announcers from the NCAA women’s championship game lost it on the last second shot. (Screenshot via @flybyknite on Twitter)

The Notre Dame women’s basketball team has a flair for the dramatic. After a last-second shot put them in the national championship game, the team decided to try out that strategy once again when the season mattered most.

With the game tied, and time running out, Arike Ogunbowale nailed a game-winning three to defeat Mississippi State 61-58. That ought to sound pretty familiar, Ogunbowale did the exact same thing to send the team past UConn in the Final Four.

While many people in the arena erupted in joy, some of the best reactions were from the trio announcing the game. Adam Amin, Rebecca Lobo and Kara Lawson again had a camera trained on them during the call, and the result was a lot of fun.

Let us briefly break down all three reactions:

Amin is initially focused on making the call. He gets out of his chair to get a clear view of the shot. After making the call and announcing Notre Dame won the national championship, Amin pushes himself away from the table to let the moment breathes. He eventually returns to his normal position, but still let’s the crowd do its thing.

As the shot goes up, Lobo stares with her mouth open. After it goes in, she pushes her chair back, throwing her hands on her head. Her mouth is still wide open, and remains that way for quite a bit as she cannot believe what she just saw.

Lawson is too stunned to do anything. While it seems like she has the same face the whole time, you can notice the shock and surprise in her eyes the moment she realizes the shot went in. She then watches the celebration unfold, with her mouth remarkably still.

Those reactions should look similar, because the team did almost the exact same thing with Notre Dame upset UConn.

One of the best championship runs in sports history deserves one of the best reactions, and Amin, Lobo and Lawson didn’t disappoint either time.

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