Kellyanne Conway delivers message to young girls at White House Easter Egg Roll

The White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll was held on Monday, and Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to the president, participated by reading a story to children.

Before sitting down and getting started on the book, she pointed to the White House and asked those gathered if they knew who lived there.

One child’s response prompted Conway to say, “Maybe one day. Girls, we left open the first female president of the United States job, if you want it. I hope it comes to this generation.”

President Trump and the first family host the White House Easter Egg Roll

Notably, many had hoped that position would be filled by now.

While Hillary Clinton didn’t make it to the Oval Office, she has continued to be a presence in politics.

Conway is among those who have been critical of the 2016 Democratic candidate’s activity since the election.

In a Friday appearance on Fox News show “Fox & Friends,” she commented on Clinton’s assertion that males in her position haven’t been asked to “go away” as often as she has.

“She’s wrong comparing herself to those male candidates…They were much more gracious about it,” Conway commented.

First ladies and their White House Easter Egg Roll outfits in recent years