41 photos of presidential pets over time

United States presidents and their families have almost always had pets while serving in office. Going all the way back to George Washington, many presidents have cared for dogs and horses, while others have brought slightly more exotic animals to the White House.

In fact, every president except James Polk and Andrew Johnson had a pet for at least part of his time in office.

President Donald Trump bucks this tradition, as the first POTUS in about 150 years to have no known pets at the White House. (Vice President Mike Pence’s family has a few pets, however, including the now rather well-known Marlon Bundo.)

Many presidential pets have also become famous in their own right, like Warren G. Harding’s Laddie Boy and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fala. As March is the month of National Puppy Day and Respect Your Cat Day, we’ve rounded up photos of presidential pets for animal lovers and history buffs alike.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.