Speedometer in fatal Calif. cliff crash was 'pinned' at 90 mph

The speedometer of an SUV that plunged about 100 feet off a California cliff with a same-sex couple and their adopted children on board was reportedly “pinned” at 90 mph.

Investigators documented what could have been the vehicle’s last known speed in a warrant to search Jennifer and Sarah Hart’s Woodland, Wash., home for possible suicide notes after last week’s fatal crash, KPTV reported Saturday, citing the 12-page affidavit.

The document states California Highway Patrol investigators were working on the belief that “a felony has been committed,” the TV station reported. The type of felony was not specified.

Investigators previously said they had no evidence that the crash near Mendocino, Calif., was a deliberate act. No skid or brake marks were found leading up to the cliff’s edge.

All of the couple’s six kids are believed to have been killed in the March 26 crash, including the 15-year-old boy whose tearful moment hugging a white police officer during anti-police brutality protest went viral.

Devonte Hart, who is black, protested the Ferguson, Mo., police shooting death of Michael Brown in 2014.

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Before the crash, neighbors reported Devonte’s parents to the state Child Protection Services and accused them of abuse.

Devonte repeatedly went to his neighbors asking for food, the neighbors alleged.

Only three bodies belonging to the couple’s children have been recovered.