Christie on Pruitt scandal: ‘I don't know how you survive this one'

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has suggested that Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, will likely be ousted over his reported housing rental arrangement with the wife of an energy company lobbyist.

During an appearance on the ABC News show, “This Week,” Christie said of Pruitt’s troubling situation, “I don’t know how you survive this one, and if he has to go…it’s because he never should have been there in the first place.”

“This was a brutally unprofessional transition. This was a transition that didn’t vet people for this type of judgment issues which I think could have been seen very easily in a lot of these people,” Christie also said.

Speculation over Pruitt’s possible departure began after reports emerged that he was paying just $50 a night to stay in a D.C. condo linked to the lobbyist representing companies governed by EPA rules.

Pruitt had also previously been criticized for spending taxpayer money on constant security and first-class travel.

Although the Trump administration has not yet responded to the recent allegations about the EPA chief, CNN is reporting, based on an inside source, that “the lack of responsiveness shows they are not ready to step in and defend Pruitt.”

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