Donald Trump spent $27K to monitor stories written about him: Report

Who needs Google alerts? President Donald Trump reportedly spent $27,000 of taxpayer money to keep tabs on stories written about him following Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against him.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the Executive Office of the President authorized a payment of $27,075 to a company called TVEyes — which tracks stories using keywords — on March 7. A day earlier, Daniels, 39, sued the former reality star in the hopes of having a prior confidentiality agreement declared invalid. The agreement — where she was also paid $130,000 by Trump’s personal lawyer to keep silent about an alleged affair she had with the Apprentice star — was part of a “hush” deal made ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Daniels wants to have the agreement nullified, based on the fact that Trump, 71, didn’t sign it himself, so she can talk freely about the relationship.

Despite financial ramifications of breaking the contract, Daniels appeared on 60 Minutes in an interview with Anderson Cooper on March 25, where she shared details of her and Trump’s alleged trysts. The director, 39, claimed she met Trump at a golf tournament in 2006, shortly after his wife Melania Trump gave birth to their son Barron. Daniels alleged that she and Trump had unprotected sex and that she playfully spanked the POTUS with a magazine that had his face on the cover. She later revealed that Trump allegedly told her that he and his wife slept in separate rooms.

Daniels also told Cooper that her decision to sign the nondisclosure agreement was because she wanted to protect her daughter following a scary incident when a stranger threatened her in 2011. The White House has denied that the affair ever happened.

As previously reported, the adult film actress filed a request to have Trump submit a deposition regarding his participation in the agreement, but on March 29, that motion was denied by a California federal judge.