California woman refuses to sell home to a Trump supporter

A Sacramento woman is selling her home — but only to a buyer who didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

The homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, told her realtor, Elizabeth Weintraub, not to entertain offers from Trump supporters.

“When you’re talking about principles, morals, and ethics, it’s very, very deep,” she told CBS Sacramento.

The seller’s policy could, however, violate a prospective buyer’s first amendment rights.

“People have a right to believe what they want to believe and they shouldn’t be restricted from purchasing property based on that,” lawyer Allen Sawyer told CBS Sacramento.

But the woman’s effort to discriminate based on buyers’ political persuasions isn’t impeded by the Fair Housing Act — which prohibits discrimination based on religion, sex, race and national origin, among other attributes.

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Weintraub said she’s comfortable asking potential clients about their political affiliations.

“We can ask somebody how they voted, but they don’t have to tell us,” she told CBS Sacramento.

She said this is the first “no Trump supporter” request she’s received.

Certified appraiser Ryan Lundquist said the seller may be limiting the pool of prospective buyers.

“Thirty-nine percent of voters voted for Donald Trump in the Sacramento region. That’s an absolute fact,” Lundquist told CBS Sacramento.