Two US-led coalition soldiers killed by bomb in Syria

Two coalition soldiers have died after an improvised explosive device detonated in Syria, according to officials.

Five others were wounded in the explosion, and the Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman who announced the blast did not give an information about their condition.

It was unclear where the blast, reportedly Thursday night, occurred.

Though the only authorizations for military action in the Middle East come from the early 2000s, the Pentagon acknowledged last year that it has at least 2,000 soldiers fighting alongside largely Kurdish troops in the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Beyond the U.S., the coalition also has support from Jordan, Australia and European countries such as Britain, France and Germany.

Only small remnants of the Islamic State remain, though the Trump administration said in letters last month that American forces will remain in the country decimated by years of war.

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Beyond the Islamic State forces, Syria now includes Syrian government forces of Bashar Assad, his Russian allies, Turkish forces, Kurdish troops, the U.S.-led coalition and rebels including those supported by the U.S.