Sister Jean: God's probably more of a college basketball fan than an NBA fan

Loyola-Chicago’s Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt thinks God would prefer college basketball over the NBA.

That opinion was just one of many that Sister Jean gave during her Friday press conference ahead of the Ramblers’ game against Michigan on Saturday night. When she was asked if God was a basketball fan, she revealed why she thinks God would choose the college game over the NBA.

“He probably is. And he’s probably a basketball fan more of the NCAA than the NBA,” she said. “I’ll wager that your viewer audience is very large this time and that if you compare it to the NBA when they’re playing, it will be different. And I say that because these young people are playing with their hearts and not for any financial assistance.”

It’s worth noting that college basketball players are playing for financial assistance because they’re receiving scholarships to play basketball, but we’re not going to turn this into a post debating the basketball preferences of the higher power of your choice. Sister Jean is too delightful to quibble with.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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