Poll: Young people think Trump is racist, dishonest, 'mentally unfit for office'


As President Donald Trump's approval ratings ebb and flow, a new poll reveals a negative view of the commander in chief among America's youngest populations.

The new AP/MTV poll reveals a slim 33 percent of Americans ages 15 to 34 approve of Trump's White House performance. This response comes as Trump's weekly approval stood at 39 percent with Gallup last week. His daily approval with Rasmussen stands at 47 percent as of Friday.

In the wake of the deadly Parkland school shooting in February that reignited the conversation around gun control, Trump has faced increased pressure to act on public policy that affects the country's youngest voters. He hosted a roundtable discussion on gun violence and school safety at the White House, but that might not be enough to please voters seeking concrete legislative movement.

"He doesn’t seem to be really for women. He doesn’t seem to be for Black Lives Matter. He doesn’t seem to be for DACA," 23-year-old Meghan Carnes told AP. "He doesn’t seem to be for the kids worried about guns. It’s extremely disappointing to have a president who doesn’t seem to care."

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These latest survey results come as a separate CNN poll showed 54 percent of about 1,000 respondents said they don't see Trump being re-elected come 2020. Still, partisan lines remain clear indicators of belief in Trump's ability to maintain the Oval Office. While 79 percent of Republicans were confident their party incumbent would win a re-election bid, 87 percent of Democrats said they thought he would lose.