'Crying Nazi' Christopher Cantwell wants to be an FBI informant

Two wrongs don't make a Reich.

Christopher Cantwell, the infamous “Crying Nazi” facing felony charges for inciting violence at last year's deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., wants to embark on a new career: FBI informant.

Cantwell, who is currently awaiting trial, is still writing and hosting white nationalist radio shows and maintaining a blog, Radical Agenda.

But as March comes to a close, Cantwell’s popularity with his far-right bretheren is tanking thanks to a post where he claims to have become an FBI rat, according to ThinkProgress.

Cantwell, in a blog post entitled “Why I'm Talking To The Feds,” claims the move is a way to take revenge on anti-fascist groups who had “given license to masked thugs and terrorists to wage war on the streets” of Charlottesville during the riots that claimed the life of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

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James Fields — the 20-year-old charged with Heyer’s murder — was affiliated with the far-right group Vanguard America, photos from the event revealed.

Cantwell did not respond to a Daily News request for comment on his new line of work.