Stormy Daniels' lawyer is now using 2-word Trump saying in interview

You can’t script this one.

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti used one of President Trump’s favorite lines as his war of words with his longtime fixer, Michael Cohen heats up.

Asked on “CBS This Morning” about Cohen attorney David Schwartz’s recent swipe at him, the southern California-based lawyer quipped: “Mr. Schwartz is a hack straight out of central casting. Next question.”

Schwartz had told CBS News that a recent motion to depose the President filed in Daniel’s lawsuit against him was only done “in order to inflate Michael Avenatti’s deflated ego and keep himself relevant.”

Avenatti took another swing at Schwartz, who’s said he isn’t representing Cohen in the Daniels litigation, invoking “central casting.”

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“Can someone please ask Michael Cohen to call down to central casting again and order up a new hack to speak on his behalf?” Avenatti tweeted. “I’m bored with batting around David Schwartz.”

The attorneys got into a heated exchange Monday night on CNN, hours after Daniels sued Cohen for defamation of character. They also traded blows over Daniels’ claim to “60 Minutes” that someone threatened her not to go public about the affair in 2011.

Avenatti’s focus on “central casting” comes as he questions why the President hasn’t personally commented on Daniels’ claims the two slept together in July 2006.

Trump has used the line both as a compliment for clean-cut, well-to-do men and women, as well as to generally profile people.

He invoked the ambiguous “central casting” when heaping praise on Vice President Mike Pence in February 2017.

“He's a real talent, a real guy,” Trump told the National Governors Association of his veep. “And he is central casting, do we agree? Central casting. He's been great.”

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The former reality TV star also used the line on Inauguration day when speaking to Jim Mattis, who later became his secretary of defense.

“This is central casting,” he told the retired Marine general. “If I was doing a movie, I pick you, general.”

Although “central casting” typically references someone who seemingly walked off the silver screen and into real life, the President has assigned negative connotations to it as well.

He employed the phrase on the campaign trail when supporting forms of racial profiling at airports.

“But, you know, they want you to look at a woman who’s in a wheelchair, that’s 88-years-old, and barely making it, and let’s say, comes out of Sweden,” Trump told conservative radio host Michael Savage in September 2016. “She’s supposed to be treated the same way as a guy that looks just like the guy that just got captured, who is central casting for profiling.”

When the Daily News asked Avenatti if he was trying to provoke a response out of the President, the lawyer suggested it was Trump who borrowed the line from him.

“For the record — I used line, which is YUGE, FIRST! (lol),” he wrote in an email.