Utah passes controversial 'free range parenting' law

Utah is now the first state to pass a law allowing children to participate in activities without any adult supervision.

The so-called “free range parenting” law allows kids to do things like play outside, ride their bike, or take a walk alone without parents facing any neglect charges.

According to USAToday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed the measure into law last week.

In a statement the Governor said, “Absence evidence of clear danger, abuse or neglect, we believe that parents have the best sense of how to teach responsibility to their children.”

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No age limit was defined for what age a child should be allowed to go unsupervised. The Hill reports that the law will prevent authorities from investigating parents when they use their own judgment.

The new law takes effect on May 8th.

Despite support in Utah, the bill remains controversial. According to The Independent, Arkansas drafted a similar law and it failed after critics suggested it presents dangers to children.