Transgender couple speak out against offensive tabloid headline about their wedding

The Sun newspaper has been criticized for their headline on a piece about a trans couple getting married.

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On Tuesday, The Sunran a story on the wedding of army officer Hannah Winterbourne to actor Jake Graf, both of whom are transgender.

While the couple was pleased with the body of the article, they expressed disappointment at The Sun's handling of the headline on their front page.

Graf clarified that "Hannah was never a man, as I was never a woman."

Many were equally disappointed in The Sun's framing of the story.

"We don't believe anybody could read the piece we've published today, or look at the picture of the beaming couple on the front page, and not come away excited and happy for Jake and Hannah's future," a spokesperson for The Sun told Mashable.

"We have an ongoing relationship with members of the LGBTI community and spoke to one major representative group last night to ensure that our story was received in the spirit it was intended — a celebration of a very modern romance."

The Sun was unable to confirm the name of the group, but described them as a "trans representative body who have campaigned on issues of representation in the media."

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