Fake Craigslist job posting seeks legal counsel for President Trump

If you’re a handsome attorney who has experience with high-profile cases and federal investigations, someone in Washington, D.C. may have the perfect job for you.

There is a job posting on the District of Columbia’s Craigslist site, titled, “SEEKING LEAD ATTORNEY FOR DIFFICULT CLIENT (1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW).”

“Seeking a lead attorney to represent client involved in an ongoing Federal investigation,” the prankster who listed it goes on to note. “Must be familiar with laws and procedures around discovery, executive privilege, international financing of licensed real estate, election law and the Logan Act.”

Additional requested skills include social media, especially Twitter, and “a better than average knowledge of the adult film industry.”

While the posting is clearly a joke, President Trump’s lawyer situation is apparently not.

John Dowd, the lead attorney handling matters involving the Russia investigation, recently resigned.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that Trump is “struggling to find top-notch defense lawyers willing to represent him in the case, according to multiple Trump advisers familiar with the negotiations.”

The president denied having any such troubles in a series of tweets posted on Sunday.

“Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me in the Russia case…don’t believe the Fake News narrative that it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on,” Trump tweeted. “Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer, though some are conflicted.”

“Problem is that a new lawyer or law firm will take months to get up to speed (if for no other reason than they can bill more), which is unfair to our great country – and I am very happy with my existing team,” Trump continued.