'There's no way' Stephen Curry plays in the first round of the playoffs after serious knee injury

  • Warriors head coach Steve Kerr on Sunday made clear that Stephen Curry will miss the first round of the NBA playoffs.

  • Curry suffered an MCL sprain on Friday against the Atlanta Hawks after JaVale McGee came down hard on Curry's left knee.

  • It won't be the first time this Warriors team will have had to fight through a few playoff games missing one of its stars.

Stephen Curry will miss the first round of the NBA playoffs, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said Sunday.

"There's no way he's playing in the first round. There's no way," Kerr said, when asked if the Warriors were preparing for the possibility of going without their star guard to start the postseason. "He's being reevaluated in three weeks. So we gotta be ready to play without him and see how he's coming along."

Kerr noted that missing a superstar entering the postseason was nothing new for the Warriors, as they had to play a stretch of last year's playoff run without Kevin Durant in the lineup.

You can watch Kerr's comments in full below:

Curry went down with a left knee injury on Fridayin the third quarter of the Warriors game against the Atlanta Hawks. Warriors center JaVale McGee went up in an attempt to block an opposing shot, lost control in the air, and came down hard on Curry's left knee.

On Saturday, Curry was diagnosed with an MCL sprain and ruled out for at least three weeks.

The Warriors are currently in second place in the Western Conference and would host the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round if the season ended today. But the fight for the postseason in tight in the West, with plenty of change possible before the playoffs are set.

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