Stormy Daniels’ attorney calls ‘60 Minutes’ interview ‘the beginning’

Stormy Daniels’ attorney may be attempting to temper the public’s expectations about her highly anticipated “60 Minutes” interview which is set to air Sunday.

“Note: (a) not all of our evidence will be mentioned/displayed tonight – that would be foolish; (b) we are not sure what CBS will include but we know a lot from the full interview will have to be cut bc of the time allowed; © tonight is not the end – it’s the beginning,” Michael Avenatti tweeted Sunday morning.

While he did not elaborate, Daniels reportedly does spend some time discussing her alleged sexual relationship with Donald Trump.

According to CBS News, in addition to details about the relationship, “The 60 Minutes segment will include an examination of the potential legal and political ramifications of the $130,000 payment that Mr. Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen says he made to Daniels using his own funds.”

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