3 shot after confronting bad driver outside Texas driving range

An irate driver shot and critically wounded three people after being confronted about his speed in the parking lot of a Texas driving range Saturday night, authorities said.

The three victims were among a group of 10 people gathered outside a Top Golf chain in San Antonio, according to police.

San Antonio police Chief William McManus said the suspected shooter came “around the curb pretty quick,” prompting the victims to warn him about his dangerous driving.

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“They were arguing about the driving in the parking lot, like ‘Slow down, dude,’” McManus told reporters.

“Several people jumped out” of the vehicle, the chief said, and “several shots were fired.”

Two of the victims were shot in the back, while a third was struck in the chest. All three were rushed to a local hospital in critical condition.

A driver with matching plates to what was witnessed during the fight was pulled over just before midnight, police said. It was unclear if the assailant had been apprehended.

The shooting coincides with the “March For Our Lives” demonstration that broughts thousands of people into the streets nationwide to protest gun violence.

When asked about the shooting, in light of the mass protest, McManus discouraged those with guns from using them.

“The message is always the same when there’s a shooting,” McManus said. “Put your guns away. Take a few minutes to talk about it. There’s never a reason to pull a gun on somebody.”