Carmelo Anthony helped bus kids to March for Our Lives rally

Carmelo Anthony continues to play an active role in the Baltimore community.

The Thunder forward teamed up with the city of Baltimore, MTV and the NAACP to send 4,500 kids to Washington D.C. in order to participate in the March For Our Lives rally against gun violence on Saturday.

Anthony, a Baltimore native, said it took about 80-90 buses to complete the mission.

"To see how it's all unfolded and see the kind of impact the youth have right now, it's a special moment," Anthony said. "Especially for me, and I think everybody, just to see how powerful the youth are right now and their voices are being heard right now and that's the most important part."

See scenes from the march in D.C.:

The former Knicks forward has been one of several athletes who have become outspoken on political issues in recent years.

Anthony is particularly involved in Baltimore, where he marched amongst protesters in 2015 seeking justice for the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died a week after sustaining "significant spinal injuries" while in police custody.

Anthony said his activism is just something that comes natural to him.

"I think activism is you either do it or you don't … I think I will always be part of, or active, when it comes to activism and speaking up and things to do with communities and people," he said. "That's just a natural thing for me. Not something I'm gonna say, 'yeah I'll definitely be involved.' It's just a natural thing for me."