Report: Kansas State players miffed over no Kentucky handshakes

After pulling off its second straight NCAA Tournament upset win on Thursday night in earning an Elite Eight appearance, Kansas State players were reportedly upset that Kentucky players and coach John Calipari failed to congratulate them on the victory.

According to an ESPN report, No. 9 seed Kansas State -- which moves on to face No. 11 seed Loyola-Chicago on Saturday night in Atlanta -- celebrated the win as the buzzer sounded, but some players later complained that Kentucky coaches and players exited to the locker room without extending any postgame handshakes to the victors.

"They didn't shake our hands," Kansas State junior guard Amaad Wainright said. "It's sorry. ... They know what they did. On that situation, it's all about respect," Wainright said. "That's what it should have been -- all about respect."

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Kansas State forward Levi Stockard also told ESPN that Kentucky's quick departure after losing did not seem accidental.

"That's not the sportsmanship you like to see, but that's them," Stockard said. "They just walked off the court. I don't what it was. I don't know."

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ESPN reported that Calipari later denied any intentional attempt to snub Kansas State in the aftermath of the school's first-ever win against Kentucky in men's college basketball in 10 tries.

"They were turned and celebrating, so I walked off," he said. "There was no disrespect for anything. It's just that they were celebrating, and I was happy for them. My team's not like that. There's no disrespect in any way. They beat us. They deserved to win the game."

For Kansas State, the win marked its 12th trip to an NCAA regional final in school history and first since 2010. Kansas State will be shooting for its fifth Final Four appearance on Saturday and first since 1964.

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