Parts of historic ship found under a pub's floorboards

Get a drink and a history lesson after the remains of a 19th century ship were found under the floorboards of a pub.

The Seymour Pub in Jersey, off the coast of Britain, was undergoing renovations after it was recently damaged by flooding, according to the SWNS.

Landlord Andy Davis who runs the pub said, "We were so surprised to see that the floorboards had actually been nailed down onto what looks like parts of the hull of an old ship."

Jersey Heritage said that the ship parts were put down when the pub was built 160 years ago.

The pub plans to keep a few of the boards to put over their new fireplace, while the rest of the ship will be displayed at the Jersey Museum.

And for those looking for a drink and a bit of history, the part of the pub where the ship parts were found will open in April.