Elite No. 8: The lowest seed to ever win the NCAA Championship

Everybody loves a Cinderella story.

Seasoned March Madness fans know to have at least a few upsets in their bracket. It's generally safe to pick them early on -- a 10 seed over the 7, the occasional 12 seed over a 5 -- but as the tournament goes on, those selections become riskier and riskier.

That is, until the 2018 tournament rolled around.

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History has already been made during this year's NCAA Tournament with the first instance of a No. 16 seed ever knocking out a No. 1, as well as improbable runs by low-seeded Kansas State, Loyola-Chicago, Syracuse and Florida State.

It's possible that even after all of this, more history is set to be made.

In 1985, the No. 8 seed Villanova Wildcats men's basketball team took home the NCAA Championship and became the lowest seed ever to do so -- in the men's or women's tournament. They defeated No. 1 seeded Georgetown in the final game, and tackled plenty of other high seeds on their way to the top.

Since that 1985 title game, only two 8-seeds have returned to the championship game: the 2011 Butler Bulldogs and the 2014 Kentucky Wildcats.

With two No. 9 seeds already advancing from the Sweet 16 round to the Elite Eight, the chances of Villanova's record being broken this season are only increasing. Ironically enough, the Wildcats -- a No. 1 seed this time around -- are one of the teams still standing in the way.

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