Here's how police tracked the suspected Austin bomber

The suspected Austin bomber is dead after a weeks long search for the alleged killer ended in a standoff at a hotel just outside of the Texas capital

An unidentified man blew himself up early Wednesday after police found him at a Red Roof Inn in Round Rock, Texas, the day after investigators were gathered clues from packages sent through local FedEx centers.

Those packages, one that exploded at a facility near San Antonio and another unexploded one that was found at a facility near the Austin airport, are believed to have helped police track down the alleged bomber.

Local Austin station KVUE reported that “a mix of cell phone technology, security video and store receipts” led to cops identifying the suspect around 9 p.m. Tuesday.

The station reported that police had been going to different stores in the Austin area to collect information after determining that the suspect was making the bombs with household items and sending them from the Austin area.

Officers also reportedly received search engine information about his requests for information on a FedEx store.

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Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said early Wednesday that "we had a lot of information that came to us through video sources as well as witnesses."

The two bombs found Tuesday added to four more that have killed two people, Anthony Stephen House and Draylen Mason, since early March.

Austin police had previously called for the bomber to speak out in order to get more information about his motive and glean more clues that could lead to his capture.

An anonymous user on the site Reddit named “austinbomber” posted Tuesday that he was carrying out the spree not because he wanted to kill people but because he wanted “to watch the world burn.”

The unidentified user compared himself to the Zodiac killer from 1960s and 1970s California.

Police and the FBI said early Tuesday that they are still looking