An Arizona Congresswoman was caught praising her own Facebook video in the comment section

Congresswoman Martha McSally, who is gunning for a senate seat in Arizona, fell on her face on Tuesday after she commented on her own Facebook video, writing “thank you for your service!”

The slip-up was caught by Twitter user Joshua Karp:

The image hit a lot of eyeballs when comedian Patton Oswalt retweeted it:

In the Facebook video, McSally spoke in front of a Vietnam war memorial and praised the veterans of that conflict. She said “just the vastness of this can be overwhelming, when you think that each name here represents an individual who perished.”

The comment has since been deleted.

McSally is running to replace Sen. Jeff Flake, who announced his retirement. But she’ll fight a tough race, as her main opponent, Kelly Ward, has positioned herself as a pro-Trump politician. And she’s working hard to earn the right-wing votes that propelled Trump into the Oval Office — on her website, she boasts a “Breitbart Exclusive” and promises to “stand with President Trump and fight to make Arizona great again.”

The Arizona senate race is particularly exciting because Ward, McSally and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are all vying for the same vote from Republicans. The race became even more complicated when Sen. John McCain’s health took a turn for the worse. The Democratic candidate, Rep. Krysten Sinema also has a decent chance at the seat, as she’s pulled in millions in fundraising and could make some serious moves in November.

Rare has reached out to McSally’s office for comment.

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