Report: John Kelly was 'dismissive' of Hope Hicks

A former White House official recently told New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi that Chief of Staff John Kelly held Communications Director Hope Hicks in low regard.

“He was extraordinarily dismissive of her. He would refer to her as ‘the high-schooler,’ he would joke about how she was inexperienced, she was in over her head, she was immature,” the official said.

“He doesn’t like a woman that potentially has some position of power over him. He thinks women should be subservient to him,” the official further commented. “If you look at his relationship with Ivanka or Hope — women who aren’t subservient to him — he has problems with those people.”

However, Kelly did share kind words about Hicks when her resignation was announced, notes the New York Times.

“I quickly realized what so many have learned about Hope: She is strategic, poised and wise beyond her years,” Kelly said. “She became a trusted adviser and counselor, and did a tremendous job overseeing the communications for the president’s agenda including the passage of historic tax reform.”

Reports of Hicks’ departure surfaced in late February.

“Hicks, 29, began working for Trump before he announced his candidacy and has been a trusted confidante for three years, shaping his image, managing his moods and counseling him on nearly all matters, from the substantive to the trivial,” the Washington Post noted.