Kentucky GOP candidate tweets he wants to use Democratic congressman as target practice

A statement made on Twitter by a Republican candidate for Kentucky secretary of state is causing quite a stir. 

Former U.S. Secret Service member Carl Nett tweeted about Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth, stating that he wanted to use him as target practice. 

In Yarmuth’s post, he said that he was proud of his "F" rating with the National Rifle Association and asked his peers to join him by wearing a button with an "F" on it everyday until the GOP helped pass a gun legislation. 

In response to Yarmuth’s tweet Nett wrote, “Move over just a bit. I was trained center mass.”

Reaction to Kentucky Republican candidate Carl Nett's tweet about Congressman John Yarmuth
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Reaction to Kentucky Republican candidate Carl Nett's tweet about Congressman John Yarmuth

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I now join the long list of imperfect human beings with “foot-in-mouth” disease. Once again, I apologize to Congres…
What Nett did here is obscene. There is no place for "jokes" like this in our political discourse. For goodness sak…
The opposite of leadership. Glad he at least deleted it.
Now a national story. Not only morally wrong, but embarrassing for the Republican Party, and Kentucky.
Kentucky Democratic Party Chair @bself 's statement regarding Carl Nett and @RepJohnYarmuth

Nett deleted his tweet and later apologized to Congressman Yarmuth and his family.

He also said that he would die for the politicians he once protected including, Barack Obama, John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, even though he didn't vote for or agree with them.

Both the Kentucky Democratic and Republican parties spoke out against Nett’s statement. 


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