Firefighter fired after sharing racist McDonald's meme on Facebook

A Springfield, Ohio firefighter is in hot water over a Facebook post that contained a racial slur and McDonald’s employees.

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According to the Springfield News Sun, Bradly Baugh, shared a meme that read, “N****s dropout of school & get a job at McDonald’s talking bout ‘On My Grind’ Yeah, okay, GRIND me up a Oreo Mcflurry with yo dumbass.”

Even though Baugh was hired less than 2 months ago, Springfield City Manager Jim Bodenmiller chose to release him of his duties once they found out about the tasteless post.

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“The racially insensitive post that you shared in a public forum undermines the integrity and values of the city of Springfield and the fire/rescue division, and directly impact our ability to effectively serve the community,” Bodenmiller said in the official termination letter.

Since the incident, a phone number listed in Baugh’s name has been disconnected, his social media account appears to have been deleted and contact information in the personnel file have been redacted.

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“We need public support and public trust to do our job,” Fire Chief Brian Miller said previously. “When we have somebody who interferes with those things and interrupts our mission and our ability to effectively conduct business we have to act.”

The Springfield NAACP commended the fire division for responding to the situation swiftly.

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