People mercilessly mock the US Army’s St. Patrick’s Day tweet

The U.S. Army tried to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit Saturday, but their video creation has them in hot water with some, and one Twitter user even calling it “the worst video of all time.”

“Happy #StPatricksDay from the #USArmy,” the tweet reads. “We appreciate how everyone wears a little green like us today.”

The video takes the St. Patrick’s Day theme further than their wardrobe, mixing Irish images of shamrocks with footage of soldiers firing weapons. A lot of them.

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Before you have time to wonder if that helicopter shooting missiles was on a training exercise or an actual mission, the Army’s video makers stamped a clover over the actual ordinance, so that it looks like the shamrock is rocketing through the air.

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The use of clip art continues throughout the video, turning the firing of weapons into animated references of Irish pride. A mortar explodes, showering clovers everywhere; a soldier fires a machine gun toward a tree-line, with clovers instead of spent bullet casings ejected from the slide; and all the while, the video cuts back to a soldier dancing in a hallway, with the frame replicated three times and tinted in the colors of the Irish flag.

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Apparently, a lot of people on Twitter Saturday morning thought it was just too weird. Plenty responded with offense that the Army released a cute and cartoony video to turn the waging of war, and the deaths that result, into a holiday celebration. Many others decided to flip the meme tables on the Army and dunk on both the video’s slapped-together quality, and its weird choice of subject matter.