Russia threatens to expand 'blacklist' of Americans over new sanctions

With new sanctions leveled against Russia by the White House, many wonder if is Moscow a friend or a foe.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, "I think that's something that Russia's going to have to make that determination."

"We're going to be tough on Russia until they decide to change their behavior."

Moscow is now retaliating. Responding to President Trump’s sanctions for meddling in the 2016 election, its Deputy Foreign Minister said it will expand its “blacklist” of Americans, according to state media.

Russia added it wouldn’t rule out taking extra retaliatory measures in response to the sanctions, all while maintaining its innocence.

Those sanctions leveled by Trump targeted 19 Russian citizens, including a man close to Vladimir Putin nicknamed “the Chef,” and five Russian entities. The administration also accused Russia of cyber attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure. That includes attacks on nuclear power plants, water, electric, and aviation systems.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister said, “Those (American) politicians are playing with fire by destroying Russian-American relationship because simultaneously they shake global stability.”