Airbnb host claims guest caused nearly $20,000 in damage

An Airbnb host whose home suffered nearly $20,000 worth of damage in early February, is finally hearing back from the company.

The New York Daily News reports, Chelsea McGovern rented her San Antonio Texas home out to a college student who threw a massive party, leaving windows broken, glass shattered and jello shots over the walls.

McGovern said she spent the last month pressuring Airbnb to reimburse her for the damages.

According to their website, Airbnb guarantees peace of mind to homeowners. Meaning they will reimburse up to $1,000,000 dollars up to damages, subject to certain conditions.

The policy says the length of the process varies depending on the severity of the case, but that the company strives to resolve most cases within a week.

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McGovern said the website asked for photographic evidence proving there were more than 50 people in the house.

The New York Daily News reports, because she was in a nearby property when the party occured, she was able to call police and get video of people heading inside her residence.

Airbnb has apologized for their original handling of the case and confirmed the host is receiving their full support.