SEE IT: Young Arizona State fan bursts into tears

This was a not so shining moment.

A young Arizona State fan gave social media its first "crying fan" meme of the NCAA Tournament on Wednesday.

With Syracuse leading 55-52 with just over a minute remaining, cameras cut to a young Sun Devils fan who had burst into tears as his Arizona State's NCAA Tournament hopes began to slip away. The fan grew red-faced with tears before being consoled by a woman sitting next to him.

TruTv cameras cruelly showed the young crying fan multiple times throughout the last minute of Syracuse's win.

In addition to busted brackets, March Madness has been notorious for resulting in numerous memes and gifs of weeping sports fans.

Last year, a young Northwestern fan went viral after he infamously had an epic meltdown disagreeing with a foul call during the Wildcats' eventual second-round loss to Gonzaga.

Two years prior, a Villanova piccolo player set the internet ablaze after she was caught crying while performing during the final seconds of Villanova's upset loss to NC State and was immediately turned into a meme.

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