Sen. Warren says she's 'very worried' North Korea 'will take advantage of' Trump


Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has weighed in on President Trump accepting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s invitation for a meeting over the regime’s weapons program.

Warren said on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that while she supports the Trump administration’s diplomatic efforts, she’s concerned about the vacant positions at the State Department.

“These are very complex negotiations, and what I’m concerned about in these negotiations is we have a State Department that’s just been decimated. We don’t have an ambassador right now to South Korea. We don’t have an assistant secretary for this whole region,” Warren said.

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“I want to see our president succeed because if he succeeds, America succeeds. The world is safer,” Warren added. “But I am very worried that they’re going to take advantage of him.”

Hillary Clinton has echoed concerns that the Trump administration lacks the personnel capabilities needed to handle discussions with North Korea.

According to the AFP, the former Secretary of State told the Dutch publication Algemeen Dagblad in a recent interview, “If you want to talk to [North Korean leader] Kim Jong Un about his nuclear weapons you need experienced diplomats…These are people familiar with the dossiers and who know the North Koreans and their language.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday dismissed skepticism about the meeting.

“I think that the President is getting exactly what he wants. He is getting the opportunity to have the North Koreans actually denuclearize,” Sanders told reporters.