Department of Defense sued over Trump's military parade plans


President Trump and the Department of Defense are wrongly keeping plans for a grand military parade under wraps, advocates charged Monday in a new lawsuit.

Public Citizen sued the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. district court, alleging the agency was ignoring a Freedom of Information Law request for communications with the White House and National Park Service about the controversial parade.

“Months have passed since we filed our request, and the DOD has failed to respond," said Adina Rosenbaum, a lawyer with Public Citizen. “The agency cannot just sit on our request.”

The FOIL request filed Sept. 26 seeks government records regarding the use of military personnel or equipment in D.C. or New York City in a parade.

Trump reportedly wants the parade held on Veteran’s Day, which is November 11.

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“Not to rain on Trump's parade, but this entire exercise begs the question: Is making a reality TV-style spectacle of the U.S. military really the best use of the Defense Department's time, money and talent?” said Rick Claypool, research director for Public Citizen.

Public Citizen touts itself as a counterweight to corporate influence on government.

Trump ordered top military brass to begin planning the parade earlier this year. He was reportedly taken with the idea after observing a show of France’s military might during a Bastille Day celebration in Paris.

Critics have said such an extravaganza is not befitting the world’s biggest superpower and is more associated with oppressive nations like North Korea and Russia.

A Department of Defense spokesman declined to comment on pending litigation.