Geno Smith appeared to join Kyrie Irving in embracing flat Earth conspiracies, and the internet went nuts

  • Geno Smith appeared to embrace flat Earth theories in a series of tweets on Saturday.
  • Smith took time to retweet arguments from both sides of the debate, encouraging people to question the "truths" laid before them.
  • In the end, Smith walked back his original comments slightly, claiming that the tweets were all in the name of starting conversation.

Geno Smith made news on Saturday before the NFL offseason could even start, but it had nothing to do with his future in football.

The New York Giants quarterback, like Kyrie Irving before him, appeared to embrace flat Earth theories in a series of tweets, asking his followers not to believe everything that they read and do their own research before rushing to judgment.

The conversation was, likely to Smith's dismay, less than good, with many Twitter users predictably dunking on him.

But Smith was not immediately deterred — he thought it was a bit "funny" that people assumed he believed the Earth was flat just because he had suggested as much.

In an effort to hear both sides of the non-argument, Smith retweeted messages from both those that had proof that the Earth was round, as well as skeptics who said they had gotten good grades on a college paper one time.

But eventually, Smith relented, claiming that he was simply trying to encourage people to listen to others "truths."

Still, he teased the NFL Twitterverse with one more shot before logging off.

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