Jeopardy contestants fail miserably to answer basic football questions the week of the Super Bowl

  • Thursday night's episode of "Jeopardy!" included a round devoted to basic questions of football knowledge.
  • All three contestants failed in rather amusing fashion, refusing to buzz in for a single answer in the category.
  • By the end of the round, host Alex Trebek was openly admonishing the trio for their lack of football knowledge.

Sports trivia is not everyone's forte, and Thursday night's episode of "Jeopardy!" proved that to a somewhat painful degree.

After the three contestants tore through the first board of questions, only one category remained — "Talkin' Football."

Since it was the only category left, the three contestants attempted to work their way through the questions to disappointing results. Basic questions were all passed over by all three contestants, leaving Alex Trebek to reveal each answer through escalating disappointment.

By the end of the round, Trebek was openly joking with the trio that they should just throw to commercial.

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