Are sandwiches helping contribute to global warming?

Look, we all love a good sandwich. Whether it’s a classic Italian mix from Subway, or a good old fashioned ham and cheese, sandwiches have become an integral part of our diets. 

But according to scientists at the University of Manchester, the sandwiches that we’ve all come to enjoy may be causing global warming. 

Now, according to the British Sandwich Association, the U.K. spends a little more than 11 billion dollars each year on 11.5 billion sandwiches. 

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Global Warming - general
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That Manchester group of scientists looked at over 40 different types of sandwiches. They found that certain types of sandwiches leave a larger carbon footprint than others. 

Pre-made, pre-packaged, all-day breakfast sandwiches you can find at the grocery store are the worst offenders. They give off more than three pounds of carbon dioxide -- that’s about the same as driving a car for 12 miles. 

On the contrary, home-made sandwiches give off the least. So, the next time you decide to have a sandwich for lunch, maybe consider bringing a sandwich into work, instead of buying one. 

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