North Korea seized the USS Pueblo 50 years ago, and it remains a symbol of military success

Fifty years after it was seized by North Korea, the USS Pueblo remains in the rogue nation as a symbol of military success.

The Pueblo is the only U.S. Navy ship to ever be held captive by a foreign government, and the spy vessel was originally taken in 1968 during the height of the Cold War.

It currently sits in the Potong River in central Pyongyang on full display.

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Thousands of people go to the ship each day to hear about how the North defeated the U.S. in the Korean War.

The anniversary of the Pueblo capture is this week and to celebrate the military victory, a North Korean naval officer said the ship is a symbol of how America will endure a "crushing defeat if it infringes on the country’s sovereignty."

The 82 survivors of the ship were taken as prisoners and then released nearly a year later.

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