California may soon declare coffee a cancer risk

California may declare a favorite beverage to be a cancer risk.

A lawsuit set to be resolved in the coming months may have a judge officially declare coffee a cancerous health risk.

Proposition 65, The Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, is a 1986 California state law that requires businesses and public places to post warnings if anything could be potentially harmful.

There are 900 possibly cancer-causing chemicals on the list the proposition covers, including Acrylamide, which occurs when foods are cooked at high temperatures.

Acrylamide, which was declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organization 25 years ago, is released when coffee beans are roasted.

Should the judge decide coffee is indeed a cancer risk, all establishments that serve coffee would be required to post a Proposition 65 sign, declaring a potential health risk.

12 New Ways To Use Coffee Grounds
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12 New Ways To Use Coffee Grounds

Get Shiny, Beautiful Hair.

If you are looking for a way to get shiny, long hair without all of the expensive products, use coffee grounds! It is super easy to add it to your routine once a week, by mixing the grounds with your favorite conditioner. Coffee is said to actually aid with hair growth.

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Use Them As Fertilizer.

You can use coffee grounds in your garden or potted plants! The three main advantages to gardening with coffee grounds is that it attracts earthworms, brings organic material to the dirt and the microorganisms in the grounds are beneficial to aid the growth of the plants.

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Clean Your Fireplace.

Tossing your coffee grounds in your fireplace will help clean it and also leave your house smelling like a fresh brew. It is super easy and it will help to keep the ashes from flying around the room.

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Remove Stains on Dark Wood Furniture.

It is super simple to fix a scratched table with a mixture of coffee grounds, warm water and vinegar. Your wood will be looking as good as new in no time.

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Remove Odors.

Sick of stinky odors in your fridge or household? It is easy to use coffee grounds to absorb smells! Just fill a bowl with them and leave it wherever the stink is, for a quick, inexpensive fix!

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Marinate Meat.

Who knew that you could use coffee grounds as meat marinade? Use a strong brew of coffee for your chicken, fish, poultry or pork, or add it to an already existing recipe for a smoky flavor. Yum!

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Create A Coffee Rub.

If you'd rather make a rub for you meat instead of a marinade, coffee grounds can still come to the rescue. Check out this simple, yet delicious recipe for you next rub. You won't believe how easy it will be to whip up!

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Lessen the Appearance of Cellulite.

Coffee grounds can help with cellulite! It is super simple to make a scrub out of the grounds to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Check out this article from our friends at StyleList: Take down cellulite with this DIY coffee bean body scrub

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Use It To Exfoliate Skin.

It is easy to turn coffee grounds into a perfect skin exfoliant by blending it with a natural oil base. You will see results and pay so much less than buying products in the store!

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Get A Glowing Complexion.

We know the grounds are a great way to exfoliate, and now we can also use them to get a bright, clear complexion. Dr. Oz recommends mixing olive oil and coffee grounds, applying the paste to your face for 30 seconds and then wiping it away to give your skin a bright, healthy shine.

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Make Antique-Looking Paper.

If you are ever in a fun, crafty mood, you can use coffee grounds to give your paper an antique look! It is fun and easy to put a spin on an invitation or decoration.

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Use Them To Help Compost

If you have a compost, coffee grounds are a great addition. They are easy to throw in and will help to add nitrogen to your pile. Added bonus: coffee filters can also be used to compost, so throw it all in there.

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