Mother charged after one-year-old baby burned to death during bath

A Florida mother is facing an aggravated manslaughter charge after her one-year-old baby was scalded to death during a hot bath, according to CBS Miami.

Miami-Dade police officers arrested Christina Hurt, 35, on Thursday after concerned neighbors found the mother with her unresponsive child on a dirty mattress in her friend's backyard.

Photo: Miami-Dade Department of Corrections

According to police, Hurt was taking out the trash at her home when her 10-year-old daughter attempted to bathe the baby. Hurt's 4-years-old son apparently turned the water up to scalding hot, which caused the baby to sustain severe burns from his torso to his toes.

Hurt told police that she did not seek medical attention for the child because she feared she would lose custody of her children. Instead, she allegedly gave the injured baby Tylenol and juice while the child vomited throughout the night.

After taking her other children to school on Thursday morning, Hurt went to a friend's home in Goulds, Florida, where the baby became lethargic and stopped breathing around 11 a.m. 

According to police, Hurt took the baby outside and placed him on a mattress in the yard, where he was spotted by neighbors who called the police.

"We heard screams and hollering," neighbor Molita Cunningham told CBS Miami. "My brother ran over to try to help with the situation, and found the baby, the one-year-old was lying on a dirty mattress, outside in the yard on a dirty, nasty mattress."

Cunningham's brother, Randy Joseph, administered CPR to the unresponsive baby until rescuers arrived.

"When the paramedics zipped down the baby’s onesie, the baby was burned from his neck to his knees, just completely burned," Cunningham told CBS Miami.

"The paramedic said 'Oh my God.' I said 'what the hell,'" Joseph added.

Tragically, first responders could not save the baby, who later died from his injuries. 

Hurt, who has been investigated for child neglect in the past, was taken into custody late Thursday and remains in jail on a $10,000 bond.

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