India joins test fires nuclear-capable ICBM, hails 'major boost' to military power

India test-fired a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile Thursday, its defense minister announced in a tweet that heralded “a major boost” to the country's military capabilities.

The 3,100-mile-range Agni-V was launched at 9:53 a.m. local time (11:23 p.m. Wednesday ET) from Abdul Kalam island, Raksha Mantri said.

The country has 120-130 nuclear warheads in its stockpile, according to the Federation of American Scientists.

Indian news channel NDTV said Thursday’s launch confirmed India’s place in "the super-exclusive club of countries with ICBMs" citing the U.S., Britain, Russia, China and France as other members.

In a tweet, Indian President Ram Nath Kovind said the "successful" test would make "every Indian very proud" and "boost our strategic defense."

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India tests missiles
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India tests missiles
India's Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles, mounted on a truck, pass by during a full dress rehearsal for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India, January 23, 2006. REUTERS/Kamal Kishore/File Photo TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
An Indian Army officer stands on a vehicle displaying missiles during the rehearsal for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India, January 20, 2016. India celebrates its annual Republic Day on January 26. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee
Indian army officers stand on vehicles displaying missiles during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India, January 26, 2016. REUTERS/Altaf Hussain
India's Brahmos supersonic cruise missile is shown during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India, January 26, 2008.REUTERS/B Mathur/File Photo
400061 03: Plain clothes policemen accompany a carrier mounted with an 'Agni-II' Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) during a full dress rehearsal for Indias Republic Day parade January 24, 2002 in New Delhi, India. Police in the Indian capital declared a high security alert in view of specific intelligence reports about possible militant attacks on the Republic Day celebrations. (Photo by Sondeep Shankar/Getty Images)
NEW DELHI, INDIA - JANUARY 23: The long range ballistic Agni-V missile is displayed during the full dress rehearsal for the annual Republic Day parade 2013 at Rajpath on January 23, 2013 in New Delhi, India. (Photo By Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

India boasts a million-man army.

Separated after a bloody partition as they gained independence from Britain in 1947, India and neighboring Pakistan have fought wars in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999, besides countless skirmishes, mostly over the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 2016, India announced a series of "surgical strikes" in nuclear-armed Pakistan.

Pakistan last year announced it had fired its first submarine-launched cruise missile.

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