Rep. Love responds to President’s ‘s—hole countries’ comments

SALT LAKE CITY (KSTU) -- Congresswoman Mia Love responds to President Trump's comments on refugees from Haiti.

President Donald Trump is facing backlash for comments he reportedly made during talks about immigration Thursday evening saying, "Why are we having all these people from s---hole countries come here?"

Congresswoman Mia Love - the only Haitian American in Congress- was on a flight from Washington D.C. to Salt Lake City, where she told Fox 13, she's hoping for an apology.

After the comment made national headlines, love responded with a statement saying her parents worked hard, paid taxes and rose from nothing to take care of and provide opportunities for their children.

"My parents never took anything they did everything they could to contribute to society and that's the American dream, that's where it comes from, I know because I'm living it," Love said.

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Hmmm numbers 2 and 21 are very similar but the initia lie is different than the continued racism post exoneration s…
Ok 3 more and I’ll def know for sure
Come on now....this is inexcusable
Annnnnd.... virulently racist
We are all sons and daughters of immigrants
I am mortified that our brothers and sisters in Haiti & Africa have hear the blathering of the idiotic 🇺🇸 President.
UM #NeverForget 💩🕳
Tonight at 11/10c, as someone from South Shithole, Trevor is deeply offended by the president’s remarks.
TONIGHT: You better believe if the President is speaking his mind about certain [redacted] countries, Stephen's spe…
From tonight’s #LNSM: @SethMeyers responds to Trump’s remarks on “s**thole countries.”
I’m just gonna start calling him president Shithole.
Our nation was founded by immigrants, built by immigrants, made great by immigrants. They came war torn, oppressed…
You are a racist liar.
Countries don’t immigrate, people do. The quality of a person isn’t determined by their surroundings. The point is…
If they aren’t shithole countries, why don’t their citizens stay there? Let’s be honest. Call it like it is.
Haiti you are LOVED ❤️
What do the people in 56 different African nations and in Haiti have in common? They are all black. Trump has not d…
How is he allowed to talk to us this way?!! Are there no more moral and ethical codes left in America since he took…
The United States is supposed to take people from shithole countries. That’s the whole point, you dotard.

Utah senator, Orrin Hatch wrote a tweet which said, "I look forward to getting a more detailed explanation regarding the president's comments. Part of what makes America so special is that we welcome the best and brightest in the world, regardless of their country of origin."

Others said, no explanation will make what President Trump said right for refugees.

"They are part of the community and myself included but when I head the President in those words, they're really offensive, they're really hurting us, that's not what we expect our President saying," said Aden Batar, the Director of Migration and Refugee services for Catholic Community Services of Utah.

Thursday night Mia Love reached out to the White House and extended an invitation to talk immigration reform with the President.

"I doubt a comment like that would have been made if someone like me is sitting across the table from him," Love said.

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