Bone-chilling temperatures turn Niagara Falls into icy winter wonderland

The Arctic blast that swept across North America all weekend resulted in breathtaking photos of what appeared to many to be a frozen waterfall.

Though the falling water didn't actually freeze completely, the chilling temperatures reportedly turned the spray to ice stones once exposed to the air. The resulting visage created a spectacular scene that Twitter users said looked like something out of "Narnia." 

According to The Weather Channel, the temperature of Niagara Falls was around 8 degrees Fahrenheit at noon on New Year's Eve. Temperatures aren't expected to get much higher than the teens for the coming week, The Buffalo News reported.

This isn't the first time the falls have experienced such winter tint, though. One famous photograph from 1890 shows the falls frozen so densely that some people were reportedly able to cross on ice bridges.

See more photos of the Niagara Falls' winter wonderland:

Niagara Falls' winter wonderland
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Niagara Falls' winter wonderland
Guys, not to alarm anyone, but the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is an icy, winter wonderland right now (via…
Brief detour to check out Niagara Falls in winter. ❄
Look at all those white trees!! The Falls mist is landing on them making it all look like NARNIA 🦁 Raaaaar! 👸🏼🇨🇦❄️
Okay, last one... I promise. Don't you just love 😍 the rainbow dancing in the middle of the 'little' Niagra Waterfa…
Pumpkin visiting #NiagaraFalls...of course you would find Pumpkin at the end of a rainbow! 🌈🦔
@AnnaMcNuff Niagara Falls, beautiful at any season even in artic cold winter.
This not painting it's real picture of Niagara falls now in winter cold
This is a pic of Niagara Falls #WinterWonderland #ExtremeCold #ItsSoCold #NiagaraFalls
"Even snowmen want their photo taken in front of Niagara Falls" ⛄️⛄️ #DiscoverON 📷: @michocoim via IG

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