It's so cold outside that people's windows are breaking in the US and Canada

Across the U.S. and Canada, residents are experiencing record-low temperatures, historic amounts of snowfall and weather-related deaths.

On Tuesday, four people died in a car accident due to icy roads in Kansas. In Erie, Pennsylvania, the city's calendar-day snowfall record was shattered on Christmas Day with more than 65 inches of snow. Not to mention, the cold blast is so severe in Canada -- a country with much presence in the Arctic -- that authorities have canceled outdoor ice skating in fears of frostbite.

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2017 winter weather predictions

This year's Farmer's Almanac predicts less precipitation in the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest, but other areas might not be so lucky ...


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted La Nina will potentially emerge this winter season, bringing with it above-average precipitation and below-average cold temperatures.


But if La Nina does hit, it will impact each U.S. area in a different way ...

For example, the Rockies would likely be rocked with abundant snowfall, while the Midwest would be plagued with blasts of cold air.


Another more wonky model from Atmospheric and Environmental Research predicts that colder temperatures could hit the East Coast if there is a stratospheric polar vortex disruption.

Changes in the jet stream have a direct impact on weather patterns, and in the earliest days of December Americans could see a cold front and snow in the Plains and upper Great Lakes.

Averaging 44 inches of snow each winter, Boston is known to get slammed with tough weather. This year, NOAA predicts the historic city will see within 10 inches of that average.

And now, it's apparently gotten so cold, that people are saying their windows are breaking due to bitterly freezing air temperatures. 

According to Mashable, residents in Alberta and Saskatchewan have been reporting cracking glass windows attributed to the cold weather. A woman in Northwestern Ontario even tweeted the image below of her window she said sounded "like a gunshot" when it cracked due to the cold weather.

Another woman in Detroit, Michigan, tweeted a photo of her car window which she said had also broken on account of freezing temperatures.

Though AOL News has not corroborated the claims, glass has been known to contract in extremely cold temperatures and is subject to expansion and contraction in any temperature difference. And, if not installed correctly and in good condition, glass can have a problem withstanding cold conditions and can crack or shatter if exposed.

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The cold outbreak is expected to peak sometime between New Year's Eve on Sunday and the first few days of 2018, primarily in the Midwest and Northeast. Places in the Midwest, particularly Minneapolis and Chicago, could expect to see temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit for the temperature high over the weekend and into Monday.

Another cold front is expected to reach the Northeastern region of the U.S. a day or two later

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